Rugby Club

The middle school students at IDA Ladysmith are excited to announce the creation of the IDA Fighting Lions Rugby Club.

Rugby is a classical game:
The roots to the modern game of rugby can be traced to a school for young gentlemen in the Midlands of England, which in 1749 finally outgrew its cramped surroundings within the town centre and moved to a new site on the edge of the town of Rugby in Warwickshire.
The history of Rugby Football

Traditional rugby is played with 15 (7 for 7s rugby) players on a side, with a simple goal – score a try by placing the rugby ball on, or across, the opposing team’s try zone line. In rugby, you need to pass the ball sideways (or backwards) and you cannot block. Play often does not stop when a player is tackled, and momentum can change in a second. It’s a rough game played with no pads, but it has far fewer injuries (concussions) at the college level than football and teaches many lessons. Winston Churchill was thought to have said, “Rugby is a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen.” Many say it is a mix of soccer, football, basketball, and hockey. It is a fluid contact sport that requires strength, power, speed, and endurance. Our rugby players have already noticed some mental benefits that come with learning the sport, like improved mood, reduced stress, and increased confidence, self esteem and social skills.

Currently, the IDA Fighting Lions are made up of a mix of five ladies and five gentlemen. We have been learning the basics of the rules, passing, positioning, communication, and kicking. The growth this team has had on the pitch (rugby field) is amazing, and the complementary skills off the field have been exceptional.

In the beginning, we started with Coach Moelter’s college rugby ball and four cones. Thanks to Dr. Rapp, we are up to six brand new balls and a rugby ball pump. We love our sandlot type fields on the north side of campus and work hard in the classroom during the week so we can fit in an hour practice 1-2 times a week. The players have also developed a bond with each other that is unique to the game. Rugby is a great sport that will be able to grow with us as our numbers and knowledge of the game increase.

Please contact Coach Moelter “Bandana” with any questions. Until then, enjoy a few quotes from the Fighting Lions themselves:

I like when we skip pass and the ball bounces after we kick it.

We have legit jukes.

We practice angles instead of math.

It's fun. Plus, no work during that time. 😉 And it's better than football so...

...better than football, you don’t have to wear uncomfortable pads, and the rugby ball is easier to pass.

Rugby is a classical game that is really fun.

I like that it is a nonstop running sport. I also like that it uses strategy and teamwork.

Rugby has made me stronger and more confident.

There is great teamwork, fun, constant activity, and I got a cool rugby name!

I like running and passing the ball.