A Day in the life of an IDA Student

What does a day at IDA look like?

Each day at IDA begins with fellowship and play in our commons area and at our playground. You might find students swinging on the swings, building forts, playing a soccer game on our soccer field, or practicing for Mr. Moelter’s Rugby club. After this early morning recess, students are shepherded into our commons area for our Chapel services. Chapel always starts out with pledges to our American Flag, our Christian Flag, and our Holy Bible. We then move the students on to song, utilizing a mix of contemporary Christian music, hymnals, and classical prayers. A 15-20 minute “sermonette” is then done by one of our local church leaders.

After Chapel, students move into our academic day. Visitors will find our students fully engaged in our Classical and Christian curriculum. From the earliest years in school, students learn the Old and New Testaments, theological and apologetics concepts, Latin, English, Grammar, American, Greek, and Roman History, Science, Math, and Classical Literature, among other subjects.

Our School is CLASSICAL. Traditional academic emphasis is on the three R’s – Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. You won’t find iPads and smartphones at IDA, and that is intentional. Students develop fine motor skills through writing cursive, and they read history’s great books.

If a visitor is lucky, they might catch some of the things that make IDA really unique. You might see one of our grammar school students reciting Latin, or you might see one of our middle school students reciting Greek poetry. You might also see short plays, performances, or the sounds of piano.

Every day at IDA is unique because it is meant to be that way, and it is all centered on the One who created us!