Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is the school opening?

In its first year, Imago Dei Academy will be located on the campus of The First Church of Christ in Ladysmith, WI. The First Church of Christ and Imago Dei Academy are not direct affiliates, as the Imago Dei Academy has been and will continue to be a multi-denominational effort among Christian believers in Rusk County. That being said, we are tremendously grateful to The First Church of Christ for their partnership in this project. We plan to start classes September 2022.

What grades will the school serve?

The goal will be and always has been to see K-12 Christ-centered education available in our county. However, in the first year of our program, we anticipate a K-8 offering. We hope to see a K-12 offering by 2026.

What will tuition be?

Tuition and fees are determined based on projected enrollment and building costs. As a not for profit private school, we will be dependent on fundraising and tuition to meet operational costs. We are a community endeavor, so all families participating will be required to contribute financially. Imago Dei Leadership remains committed, however, to providing an education that will meet the financial needs of all accepted families. This will likely come via tuition assistance in the form of unique fundraising options and scholarships. 

Tuition will be $3,000 per student. There will be an additional fee for consumable curriculum supplies of $200-$300. Parents will save in not having to purchase as much in traditional supplies, i.e. no electronics, fewer notebooks, etc. Students will also subsequently begin building their own library of Classic literature.

Is the school “accredited?”

Accredited is a vague definition. Different accrediting bodies exist all over the country that support different types of schools. We are a private institution, so we are not accredited by any public entity. We are a start up member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS). Since we are new, we have the goal of reaching fully accredited status with the ACCS. within three years. A child that graduates from Imago Dei will be fully prepared and qualified to attend all types of four year colleges and universities. 

Will you have licensed teachers?

As a Classical Christian School, Imago Dei will provide a curriculum that may differ slightly from what a teacher will experience in a traditional public school setting. First and foremost, a teacher at Imago Dei must put Christ and his teachings before any personal position, and they themselves must live a life with those ideals at the center. Academically, it is preferred that a teacher possesses a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. State licensure is not required, but a teacher who lives out their faith in their vocation and has a professional teaching resume will likely be an asset.