Primary School

Junior Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
Emphasizes Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Character Training

  • Systemic, thorough, intensive phonics program designed to produce early, fluent readers
  • Rich language experience through teacher read-aloud and good books, the best in children’s literature for each grade
  • Bible stories and copybooks, Scripture and poetry memorization and recitation
  • Spelling program based on phonics, word families, frequently misspelled words, and spelling rules
  • Prima Latina in 2nd grade
  • Rod and Staff Arithmetic, New American Cursive beginning in 1st grade
  • Daily recess on playground or indoors if inclement weather
  • Music and art appreciation/instruction
  • Maps, globes, and stories from American history, nature study, and nature readers
  • Comprehensive program, moderate homework

Grammar School

3rd Grade – 6th Grade
Focuses on Mastery of Latin Grammar, Computation, and Advanced Reading Skills

  • Very best in children’s literature and poetry accompanied by literature guides
  • Comprehensive study of Latin grammar (Beginning Latin is provided for all new students)
  • Science sequence includes astronomy, insects, birds, and trees
  • Art appreciation/instruction
  • Classical Studies includes in-depth Greek mythology, Roman history, the Middle Ages
  • Bible literacy includes Bible stories and Scripture memorization
  • American/Modern Studies includes states, capitals, world geography, and American history
  • Physical education including games, fitness, and team sports
  • Choir – voice and ear training, music theory, songs in English & Latin

Upper School

7th Grade – 12 Grade
Focuses on Reading, Writing, and Reasoning

  • A two-year course in Latin translation is followed by the study of Latin literature: Caesar, Ovid, AP Vergil, and Cicero; two-year course in biblical Greek
  • English Studies includes the best of English literature, vocabulary in context, advanced comprehension and composition skills, and AP English; Logic and Rhetoric are counted as English credits
  • Classical Studies includes a thorough study of the ancient world and the reading of classics in translation: Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid, Greek drama, Tacitus, and Cicero
  • World Geography, AP American History, AP European History, SAT prep
  • Christian Studies includes Church history and apologetics
  • Math program includes Pre-Algebra, Algebra I&II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics